Disney on Ice - The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice

We were provided with tickets to watch Disney on Ice but have not been asked to write a post or received any other compensation. I simply wanted to remember our evening and have decided to write this post myself.

A few weeks ago we made the short journey to Leeds to watch Disney on Ice at the First Direct Arena. I hand't realised at the time of booking the tickets that my eldest daughter was on residential with school, so not wanting the ticket to go to waste my youngest daughter brought a friend with her. Both girls were really excited and more so when they learnt they would get to meet Mickey and Minnie mouse. The surprise would soon continue, and something I had no idea about.

We collected our tickets and were seated on row A seat 1, I suddenly wished I had dressed up a bit and sorted my hair. I also wished I had my proper camera, but had to make do with 30% battery on my phone. The girls were so close to the ice they could touch it and then the big surprise came. Would they like to go on the ice and ride in the cart? I think their excitement went sky high at this point and they could not wait!

Little Man is still in the potty training phase I like to call toilet inspector. I therefore missed most of the beginning of the performance as I was up constantly taking him to the toilet. Although I knew he didn't need to go I still have to take him. He managed to calm down and settled in to watch the show, we were so close to the performers! 

The big moment came and the girls were whisked away with Aladdin. Grinning from ear to ear as they had fun on the ice. They are so incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to do that and they both haven't stopped talking about it. 

The rest of the show seemed to fly by. There were so many different characters to see, a real medley to showcase the wonderful world of Disney. 

It was a truly amazing evening that created wonderful memories and for that we are incredibly grateful for the tickets we received to watch the show and for giving the girls the opportunity to be on the ice. 

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