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I am currently sat here in my hotel room in Liverpool on Good Friday. A week has already gone by of our Easter holidays and we have another one to go. My children have been to their Grandparents house for a sleepover and I have run 50 miles from Manchester to Liverpool. Maybe not the most conventional start to the Easter weekend but one both my children and I will remember. For us Easter is much more than chocolate and Easter Eggs. 

I always try during the kids holidays to make memories with my children. That is what I always aim to do. Sometimes this means we do things together and other times we do things apart. The girls, as Little Man is too young to understand the concept, have been asking for a sleepover at their Grandparents house for some time. To be able to give them that opportunity and for them to have had as much fun as it would appear is something pretty special and I am sure will be a highlight of their Easter.

We have Easter traditions too that we do every year too, whatever the weather, and the girls look forward to. In fact the second the Easter holidays start they start asking for them now with huge excitement. We always take part in at least one Easter egg hunt. There seems to be a few to choose at the moment so we have been pretty lucky and done two so far. Our main tradition is a ride on the Easter steam train. 

From an early age the girls have loved the stream train. They know exactly how it works now. They know we hunt for the carrots left by the Easter bunny and in exchange they receive an Easter Egg. If they can find the golden Easter egg they will receive a giant Egg in exchange. There are also games to play like the egg and spoon race and if you win or come second or third you also receive an Easter egg too. In a past year we won the golden egg and each girl won their egg and spoon race so we can home with rather a lot of Easter eggs!

The first week of our holidays has simply flown but with it we have made lots of memories. This year so far we have been blessed with some amazing weather so our Easter egg hunts have been much more enjoyable. We have done Easter egg hunting in the snow and ice before and they certainly were memorable! Our second week we have slightly less activities planned but I am certain that we are going to have just as much, if not more fun! Oh and let’s keep our fingers crossed we get a visit from the Easter bunny too.

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