Review : BABY born Bathtime

This post contains an honest review of items that were gifted to us. No other financial payment has been received. 

My youngest daughter has such a mothering instinct. She wants to care and nurture everyone. Every night before I can sit and read with her she gets all of her babies into their PJ and tucks them into bed. All that was missing from her routine was the bath, but none of her babies could really go in the big bath. That is until now.

Baby Born Soft touch doll has a much softer tummy that other Baby born dolls. My daughter has the Baby Born girl and she simply adores her. Baby Born soft touch doll can be fed special baby food, drink water from her bottle and of cause she also wees and cries too. My youngest just loves to take care of her. She can now give her a bath in her very own Baby born bathtub.

The bath tub has clear indicator lines inside to show where the maximum and minimum water fill is. The instructions state to use cold water and mild detergent to make the bubbles for the bath. At the side of the bath tub is a silver button. When this is pressed the bath tub lights up, plays sounds and it also activates the pump for the shower. My daughter absolutely loves this part and finds it great she can properly wash her babies before bed time.

The Baby Born bathtub has got so much appeal that Little Man keeps filling it with water to wash the babies too! He knows exactly how it works and seems to love the shower part.

He seems to love it rather a lot as he is forever carrying the bathtub around the house with him to bath all the different babies. 

The Baby Born Bath tub was ready to use straight from the box and all that was needed was some water. My children absolutely love it. My youngest daughter has created a short video to show the bathtub and baby in action.

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