Review : Baby Born Surprise

The items featured in this post were gifted for the purpose of review, all words are my own honest opinion.

All three of my children are familiar with Baby Born. My youngest daughter in particular loves taking care of her babies. She has part of her bedroom dedicated to them with a cot, highchair and wardrobe all set up. Before she goes to school she gets them washed and dressed, and when she comes home she gets them all ready for bed. What she doesn't know is that Little Man loves to play with them whilst she is at school. He takes such good care of them and his imagination is amazing. He tells me the babies are hungry so he gets them some milk and feeds them. If they cry he gives them a cuddle but his favourite thing to do is bath them. 

Whilst not part of the review I wanted to share this video from Baby Born and their dolls are for everyone campaign. The campaign wants to encourage children of all backgrounds and genders to play with dolls. I love this campaign as watching my children play with dolls has helped them to understand empathy and encourages them to develop their nurturing side.

The girls received a Baby born surprise each to review. Each baby comes wrapped in adorable Baby born design blankets, The girls loved these blankets and have kept them for the babies. Which is a great plus as it means less waste too. 

As you unwrap the baby you reveal little surprises each time. Using damp water you can open the babies eyes to reveal their colour. Each baby can drink water from the bottle that comes with them. Once they have drunk water they then use their nappies which also change colour to reveal a pattern. Each reveal can be filled in on the birth certificate that comes with the baby.

The girls wanted to create an unwrapping video which can be seen here

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