The magic of Christmas with The Snowman [AD]

We have been gifted tickets to watch a performance of The Snowman in exchange for this post. All words are my own opinion.

There are certain things that signify Christmas to me or if you like certain traditions that need to happen. For example, we put up our Christmas tree the weekend after my Mums birthday. It doesn’t feel like Christmas until Mariah Carey has played on the radio [you know which song I mean] and we have to watch The Snowman on Christmas day. One of my favourite traditions is taking the children to a pantomime or a Christmas show and this year we are really looking forward to watching The Snowman accompanied by a live orchestra.

In fact something magical is happening this December across the UK. 

Raymond Briggs classic The Snowman will be shown across some stunning venues and some of the country's finest Cathedrals and will be accompanied by musicians from the UKs top orchestras. This magical performance sounds perfect for our live Christmas performance this year.

The venues look just as magical as the classic animation is. Accompanied with a world class orchestra I think we are in for a real Christmas treat. This will be the first time we have watched a live orchestra accompany an animation and I am really looking forward to it. Not knowing what to expect I think the anticipation adds to the magic. 

The magic of live music, the feel of the music vibrating through the stunning buildings will, I am sure, give the snowman a completely new magical feeling to it. The Snowman itself brings the feeling of Christmas magic to many of us at Christmas time. This really will be the perfect Christmas treat.

Carrot productions have staged over 200 productions of the Snowman across the UK and the 2019 tour dates can be found here . In previous years the dates have sold out very quickly which shows how fantastic it must be, and with the tour staying in one location for a limited amount of time it is advisable to book early so you don’t miss out!

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