Finding the top toys this Christmas

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As Christmas approaches I often wonder if I have got the presents right. My children change their minds so often that what they want one minute they often don't like the next, and so it got me thinking. What makes a toy a top toy and what are the best toys for Christmas.  There are great websites out there like Wicked Uncle who organise their toys by age as well as categories to help you find the perfect present.  You can check out their gift guide for the best presents here

My son is three years old and when asked what he thinks makes a top toy he replies ‘diggers!’ I am not sure at three he fully understands what I mean, but for him his top toy would be a digger. He loves them, as I think most of his friends do and we have a wide collection of diggers. Everything from ones he can sit on to electric ones, he just adores them. He even has a soft toy one which he cuddles. It doesn’t just stop with diggers, he seems to love all vehicles. I guess you can never have enough toy cars, diggers or emergency vehicles. His imagination is fantastic as he plays with them, pretending to go on adventures and save the day. 

At seven years old, my youngest daughter has a love of all things rainbow colours, and of course the shiny or sparkly the better, so what makes a top toy for her? She would like an animal of some description, that is fluffy and pink with white spots. It would have to be very cuddly and small enough to carry. As you play with it it grows older and bigger until it becomes an adult. There would be lots of sequins on it  to make it very sparkly and it would also have hair to brush. The animal would also be interactive allowing you to sing and dance with it. She says she would also like to be able to bath it and feed it, so it would need to come with some food. I have a feeling I have seen toys similar to this and can think of a few existing toys that would match some of these ideas. 

My eldest daughter is very different to her sister. At nine years old she fully believes in her head that she is a teenager. When asked what she would like for Christmas she answers with a phone, and has even come up with a plan on how to make money so she can pay for credit to use it. She has even been round the local shops to price up a handset so she knows exactly how much to save up for. When I asked her what makes a top toy she replied with it has to have a remote control, and be able to fly or you have to be able to make something with it. Two very different ideas for a toy. Yet it also shows off her personality. She loves to build things, and can often be found hoarding cardboard and other materials to make something with. 

Asking my children what makes a top toy and finding out what they think makes a toy great has given me a great insight into their likes. From this I can now figure out and find toys to match their needs rather than asking them for specific toys and give them their top toys!

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