Review : Pop Pop Hair Surprise

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The girls love a challenge, in fact they regularly come up with them at home so when they were challenged to a crazy hair challenge with Pop Pop Hair surprise they immediately said Yes.

Pop Pop Hair Surprise is is the new 3-in-1 collectable which comes with a Pop hair brush, Pop pod and Pop pet. Open the Pop Brush and twist off the spray bottle, fill it with water, then spray your Pop pod to reveal your adorable Pop pet with crazy hair which you can style and wear in your own hair!

The girls couldn't wait to get started. They wanted to film the challenge and unwrapping on their Pop Pop hair surprise so you can see what you get inside.

I must first apologies as the camera broke and I have had to recover the files which means the video is not the best quality but hopefully you can still see how much fun they had.

The winner of the Pop Pop hair surprise challenge had to be their three year old brother who completely stole the show with his wonderful pink hair!

Thanks for challenging us Pop Pop hair surprise!

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