Review : Juggleezz

The Juggleezz featured was provided in exchange for a review. No financial incentive has been received and all words are my honest opinion.

The beautiful sunshine gave us the perfect excuse for some fun in the garden. Our Juggleezz arrived just in time too and we wasted no time taking it outside.

Children on the swing

Juggleezz claims to be flexible freestyle fun where creativity knows no bounds. This sounded like a great challenge to us. If there is one thing we love it is creative fun! Juggleezz is soft and squishy, it morphs itself into different shapes making it fun to play with. It also made for a unique experience to catch as you were never sure what shape it would be like to catch it. Our first challenge was a simple throw and catch simply to get used to Juggleezz

Once we had got used to Juggleezz we played piggy in the middle and then attempted our next challenge. A trampoline freestyle challenge. Throw the Juggleezz, perform a move and catch it as you land. The Juggleezz was perfect for these freestyle tricks and because it is soft as we were jumping on the trampoline we were not too worried where it landed. 

Our final challenge was a balance challenge. The Juggleezz tries to mould itself around an object which makes it great fun for balancing. We started balancing on our heads and master an obstacle course, but my younger children found this a little tricky so we settled for balancing on our hands, completing an obstacle course before trying to dunk the Juggleezz in the basketball net at the end. 

Playing with Juggleezz

It is safe to say we had lots of fun with our Juggleezz challenges, and we would love to see what challenges you come up with or how you get on with ours. Juggleezz is available from Smyth Toys and if you want to find out more fun activities then check out the Juggleezz hub!

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