Review : ST&G’s Amazingly Adventure-Filled Great British Map of Wonders

We were sent a map for review. All words are my own honest opinion. There was no financial incentive received for this review. 

One of my greatest passions is the outdoors. I absolutely love to be outside, exploring and having an adventure. When I run I take random roads and random paths just to see where they go and where I end up. My children also seem to have the same love of adventure. Getting on our bikes and seeing where we end up, although they are not such a fan when an uphill appears. The opportunity to review a map, which promises to be filled with amazing adventures and the funnest things to do was something I could not turn down.

Now that covid restrictions are starting to ease slightly and we have a little bit more freedom I think we are all ready to start exploring further afield and discover new places. I am not ready yet to travel too far afield, but I am ready to discover some new places close to home.

This new map from Marvelous maps is aimed at children and aims to spark imagination and give inspiration to any budding explorer. The map is absolutely bursting with information and had my children engaged for quite some time. 

Looking at a map

The map features:


Wild wildlife

Animal adventures


Action and adventure

Underground fun

Theme parks

Marvellous museums

Glorious food



Welly walks

Cycle routes

Train rides

Boat, plane and other journeys




Myths and monsters

Fabulous fiction

Amazing people and history

Cool castles

Record breakers

GREAT GAMES to play at home and on the road!

TICK BOXES to mark places you want to go / things you want to do!


NOTES SECTIONS to create lists, write stories and generally mess about!  

I am truly blown away by all the information on the map, yet at the same time the map doesn't feel too overloaded with information. My children absolutely love it. Trying to find things to do, looking at places they have been and planning journeys. It has sparked conversations about things they remember seeing and places they want to go. It has created a fascination with maps and map reading and looking and planning for future adventures. 

The girls planned a day out after finding Nostell Priory on the map and we headed over for some Easter fun. 

Children on a path

We explored the gardens and made the most of the spring sunshine, even if it was a little cold. There was an Easter egg hunt on which was great to be a part of after none happened last year. We had only planned on spending a few hours but actually spent the whole day. We had a picnic in the gardens and then spent the rest of the day playing the playground. Of course every treat day out is finished with a hot chocolate.

Boy drinking

The girls have already started planning our next adventure and I have been googling some of the places on the map to learn more about them too. 

Map planning

I have created a video of our adventures which will be live soon!

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