my car

Readers of surprises will know that I have been without my car due to a small accident.  I have been driving round in a small car which although lovely does not fit my pushchair in the boot or the dog in with the girls, so trips out have been somewhat limited. 

My daughter was heartbroken when my car was taken away.  She asked over and over 'where's your car Mummy?' 'Car back soon Mummy?'.  Today when it returned and she saw it again she started jumping up and down and pointing making ooh noises.  She was very excited to see my car again and said 'Car all better now Mummy'.  

I am so pleased to have my car back, OK it might not be a sporty number or anything fancy but it does exactly what I need it to do.  I can finally get my pushchair in the car and the dog and take everyone out once again.  I cannot wait for tomorrow to go out with the dog and the girls, I'm not sure who is more excited my eldest, the dog or me!

This day I love my car.

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  1. How sweet your daughter is. :) She really cared about your car. I hope it will not be broken again for her not to miss it. By the way, I read your “Surprises” blog, and I can say a yummy shepherd’s pie was a nice touch. It’s a good way to end a hectic day.
    {Mickey Doshi}

  2. I believe it really depends on our preference how a car can be useful to us. If owning a Ferrari means you can’t take your family on an out-of-town vacation because it’s a two-seater, it wouldn’t matter how fancy it is. The idea of owning a car is to utilize it for our transportation needs, and not just for showing off.

    Ivo Beutler

  3. Your daughter was soo cute being all too nosy about the car! I guess she really loves it, and that she was just so used on living with it. Plus, you can never truly appreciate a day out when commuting. What’s your car, BTW? And I’m glad you’re okay in no time. :]


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