Review : Deep Heat and Deep Freeze

As new year approaches many of us will be spurred into a new fitness regime and in doing so we run the risk of sports injuries if we do not warm up or cool down correctly. Myself included fall into this category, I often fail to warm up or cool down after sports and as I try to loose my Mummy tummy I can see injury lurking round the corner.

Others may find the thought of sport alone a difficulty, with constant aches and stiffness causing significant pain and discomfort to their daily lives. There are however several products on the market to help with both of these concerns. Two of which are Deep Heat and Deep Freeze.

deep heat and deep freeze

I had heard of both of these products but always thought they did the same thing not understanding the difference between the two. If like me you thought the same I hope I can clear things up a little

Deep Heat

Deep Heat uses the effect of thermotherapy direct to the site of body aches to bring effective relief from pain. In effect its like placing a hot water bottle on the affected area, It is most suitable to help treat muscular pain and stiffness, which can include rheumatic pain, backache and sciatica. It may also be used before sport. Deep Heat MAX strength contains double the amount of methyl salicylate and is therefore suitable for rheumatic pain, backache, sciatica, lumbago and fibrositis.

Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze uses the effects of cold analgesia to provide relief from the pain of sprains, strains and sports injuries. It cools down the injured area rapidly to tackle to pain and its like placing an ice pack on the area. Cold analgesia is recommended during the early stages following an injury such as a knock, strains and sprains.

I was sent a sample of both to try. Both state that if pregnant or breastfeeding consult a doctor or pharmacist before use. So I thought best to play safe, as I am still breastfeeding, and allow my husband and father to try. Both commented on how easy the product is to use and its convenience  much better than carrying ice packs or hot water bottles around. Deep heat was a big success for both in easing muscle pain. Neither had a use for Deep Freeze but said they would not hesitate to use if they suffered a knock, strain or sprain.

Both Deep heat and Deep Freeze are available as rubs/gel, sprays and patches and are available from supermarkets and pharmacies.

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