My eldest daughter requested pizza for her lunch today.  I thought it might be fun if we experimented and made our own pizza.  Here is what we did


Tortilla Wraps [we used 3]
Tinned chopped tomatoes 
Grated Cheese
Toppings of your choosing


1. Preheat oven to 180 C

2. Use cookie cutters to cut out shapes in the Tortilla, we went for stars, circles and snowmen

cookie cutter

2.  Place shapes onto baking tray and lightly cover with chopped tomatoes.  [We heated our tomatoes in a saucepan first just to squash them down a bit and make the sauce easier to spread, but this is up to you]

spread tomato

3. Add Cheese on top

adding cheese

4. Add your toppings, we went for Pepper and Mushrooms

adding topping

5. Place baking tray in pre heated oven for 10 mins or leave until cheese is melted to your taste

pizza beforepizza after
6. Enjoy

eating lunch

7. Make sure youngest daughter is also fed and entertained


 It was really quick and simple to do and taste lovely.  My daughter really enjoyed making her own pizza and I found it a great way to involve her in preparing food.  We will be doing this again as we had lots of fun.

This day I love Pizza

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  1. I'm particularly impressed with the way your youngest daughter not only managed to dissect her pizza into its individual components, but also managed to make more mess than her sister who prepared it all in the first place.

    1. If food goes any where near my youngest its quickly made it the smallest pieces she can manage before eating it all up or smearing it everywhere!

  2. how clever is she and how cute!! You have beautiful children, the pizza's look great, must try with mine at some point, not sure she's ready for it yet or it that me :))

    1. I think your little one is a little older than mine? Mines 27 months. It really is good fun and id recommend giving it ago. Thank you.

  3. Star pizza! Yay! Does it come in less than 90 minutes? ;)

    1. I think I could make it and deliver to you from here in Yorkshire in under 90mins! Can not believe it took that long for your local to deliver to you, shocking. Plus mine are far prettier!


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