a messy pirate treasure hunt

My eldest loves pirates. her current favourite bedtime stories involve pirates and if we play dress up she dresses up as a pirate.  I had the day off work today so after getting a few jobs done this morning the girls and I had an afternoon Pirate adventure.  

We began our pirate adventure by digging for treasure.  I put some porridge oats and rice into our messy play tub.  I used food colouring to dye some of the oats and rice black which I then made into crosses to mark the spot where I had buried the treasure.  The girls then set about uncovering the hidden treasure

found treasurediggin

what do i seehunting for more

Once we had found the pirate treasure we needed to set sail on the sea.  I used blue and green food colouring to dye some water and off we went

water playsplash


The girls really loved playing in the water, my youngest in particular loved splashing around.  I kept adding bubbles in to keep their interest in the water play.  

After all this treasure hunting the pirates soon became hungry, so we baked brownies


licking bowllicking spoon

yumhands in

The girls and I had a lot of fun pretending to be pirates and hunting for treasure.  I think my youngest enjoyed licking the bowl clean after we made brownies.  A very busy, fun and messy day!

This day I love a messy pirate treasure hunt

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  1. Beautifully messy, watch out walls!

    1. Brownie mix takes several hours to scrub off handles! It took me ages to clean the kitchen but they enjoyed themselves

  2. You had me just with the title! How awesome does this look?! I am so pinching this! Thank you so much for linking up :)

  3. Love the pirate theme! Noticed your tuff spot in there too! X

  4. What happy little girls beautiful x

  5. This looks amazing, what great fun. I really need one of those things on the floor.
    I've posted this on my google + group.

  6. Always wanted a girl but ended up with two boys, which are grown up now.


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