an ice tea party

We were very kindly invited to a tea party organised by Ice and held at a lovely Farm shop, Farmer Copleys.  I had not heard of either before and so was keen to learn more about Ice and to experience a local farm shop.

Farmer Copleys provided us with a really lovely lunch for our tea party.  My eldest daughter and I both loved our cake


There was lots of cake to choose from and what we had tasted fantastic.  My eldest enjoyed colouring in her Easter activity sheet.  There had been an Easter egg hunt organised and so we set off round the farm 

where to go nextanswering questions

My youngest helped find the animals


An Easter tea party would not be complete without a visit from Easter bunny

Easter bunny

The girls had a lot of fun walking round the farm and completing the egg hunt.  My youngest then spotted the Easter chicks

Easter chicks

Which of course meant we had to have a hold

holding chick

The girls had a lot of fun exploring Farmer Copleys and the different activities for them.  I was keen to explore the farm shop.

Ice is a loyalty reward scheme which enable you to save money on the brands you love.  It is free to register and sign up is very quick and simple.  Ice is different to other reward schemes in that

- Each retailer is selected based on its environmental impact.  There are therefore a large number of farm shops to choose from.

- You can spend and collect in the farm shops.  You are not limited to just collecting or just spending.

-  You can spend as many of your points as you wish, so you choose the discount.  

- the number of points per pound collected varies per retailer.

- There is no minimum limit before you can spend your points

- Points can be collected and spent both on line, via the Ice website, and in store. 

- Easy to calculate the value, 1 ice point is 1p

- it is very flexible

- Any unused points after 3 years will go back into benefiting environmental projects and are not 'pocketed' by the company

I like the idea of this reward scheme not only for its flexibility but also because I do try to purchase my food shopping from local retailers and farm shops.  At the moment there are not many local to me signed up on the scheme, I can however still use the on line partners.  I did try out ice whilst I was at Farmer Copleys as the farm shop was just stocked with everything I could think of, so it seemed a waste not to try.  The process was very easy, simply hand over your ice card and ask for the points to be used against the purchase and then state how many points you wish to spend, 1p up to your total points.  You can pay using all points or a combination of points and cash, which I really like.

The girls had a wonderful time at the tea party and exploring the farm and I had great fun spending my ice points.

This day I love an ice tea party

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