Justin's House

My eldest is a huge Mr Tumble and Justin fan.  I think it has to do not only with her love of signing but also that she finds him very funny.  She would often sign things to me that we had not covered in our Sing and Sign classes but that she had seen on Something special.  In shops if she saw Justin on a book or DVD she would point him out and say 'Justin', I know therefore how important he is to her.

When I came across the Cbeebies tour of Justin and Friends I had to buy a ticket for her, and as it was held close to Easter it made a .lovely Easter present.  I was a little worried that at 2 and half she might not understand the show, or sit still long enough or even enjoy it.  I need not have worried, I told her that morning we were going to Justin's house, she looked at me and asked 'Mr Tumble and Justin house' when I answered yes she would not sit still.

We arrived at the Arena and took our seats.  My eldest was amazed as she looked at the stage and read the program

stagereading program

She was really mesmerised by the crowd and the lights and kept asking when Mr Tumble and Justin would be coming out.  I had to tell her they were getting dressed and would be out soon.  To keep her entertained her Auntie bought her a light


That helped take her mind of things and then the show started


She started pointing and going 'Oh Mummy look, Mummy look its robot, its Justin Robot' She was laughing so much and giggling and jumping up and down.  I have never seen her so excited, not even at Christmas.  She clapped and laughed and I was so happy to see how excited she was and that she understood the show. [Please accept my apologies for the bad photography, its hard to take a photo with no flash in a dark space and not let your daughter, who would not sit still, know about it]

Watching show

The show was simply fantastic.  There was plenty of action, and a very easy to follow story line.  My daughter really loved the acrobats, and has since attempted some of the acrobat scenes with her younger sister.  She loved it that the story took place both on and off stage which meant the whole arena felt part of the show.  It was great to see little monster pop up right in front of her, she loved this.

The show was really interactive and my daughter loved the 'interactive screen', she has asked for a TV like Justin's, one she can swipe and shake.  I loved that the show featured lots of songs that my daughter knew and had lots of good humour that made her laugh.  I was so impressed that she not only sat throughout the whole show but enjoyed every second of it.  She has asked over and over to go back to Justin's house.

In case you wondered how I know she enjoyed it, I think this face says it all

This day I love Justin's House

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  1. Wow! It looks like you did good. Glad you got her picture with that beautiful smile.

    1. I love this picture its one of my favourites of her

  2. I can't wait, thanks for the link!

  3. awwww her happy face says it all. i am taking a 2 year old and 3 1/2 year old so not sure if my youngest will sit for the show but we will soon find out. i hope it is good - i am sure it will be as Justin cant seem to do anything wrong can he? lovely photos xx

    1. Justin is just fantastic, good comedy that speaks to all ages


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