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Our second product to review from the toadstool, is plus plus.  This was a little different from usual as I had purchased plus plus for my daughters.  

My daughters are aged 2 and half years and 1 years old and both could not wait to begin

plus plus

They opened the box and began straight away playing


Neither seemed to need instructions they just worked out how to slide the pieces together.  My youngest preferred emptying the box and putting the pieces back in again.

pieces back

My daughter soon got to work with plus plus and made herself a pretty flower

plus plus flower

Followed by a wonderful bracelet and crown

plus plus crown

The girls absolutely love playing with plus plus, so much so that I have ordered another box from the toadstool.  I think they are really well priced starting at £5 for 100 pieces up to £19.50 for 600.  I love the bright colours.  My daughter had great fun separating them all out into the colours and telling her younger sister what the colours are.  I find them a great way to have creative play as the possibilities of what you can build are endless, both 2D and 3D.  I also find them an excellent stress reliever and love to build things with them after a hard day at work to clear my mind and help me relax.

plus plus pieces

I think I shall leave you with one final image which sums up our Plus Plus experience:

we love plus plus

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