OK I know its a rather interesting title, but its true.  Normally my girls are not allowed to have balls, either in the house or outside because our dog has a fascination with eating them.  I have lost count on the amount he has destroyed over the years and the speed at which he can turn a football into dust is unbelievable.  I love watching my girls play with them and at their Grandparents house they love to play with football and throwing and catching.

My youngest now has a new word and that's 'ball'.  So when she started asking me for a ball it was off to the shops to pick one up.  I was not too sure how long it would last but thought I would give it a go.  Surprisingly our dog is currently in a good mood and listening when I tell him to leave the balls alone.  As a result the girls have had a rather fun evening kicking balls around and playing catch.  I am so impressed that my eldest can catch.

catching ballschasing balls

dog leaving ball alonekicking balls

The last picture is just to prove our dog was there.

This day I love balls.

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  1. Isn't it great how something so simple can bring them hours of fun. Hope the dog keeps away from the ball for a while longer!

  2. Fab pictures! My little boy is obsessed with balls-his own and the plastic variety!


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