Routines, adventures and step by step

As a working full time Mum to two girls it is important that the girls are in a set routine, else I would never leave the house in time for work.  This been said I am not one that believes that everything has to be done at set times. more in a set order.

For example:

Wake up, Breakfast, brush teeth and washed, dressed, hair done, check bag, leave house

A very simple routine but the girls know exactly  what to expect and when to expect it.  This means they are ready and we can go.  Routines don't have to be rigid, such as you must be asleep by 7pm.  Let's face it we all feel tired at different times on different days, so bedtime is between 6-8, dependant on how tired my girls are.  Same with eating, lunch is between 11-1 not at 12 every day, its not practical for us and my girls are not always hungry at 12 sometimes they are hungry before and sometimes a little later.  This way reduces stress but still keeps the importance of a routine.  I totally agree routines are important for the health and well being of children, they know whats coming they understand what to do and it helps them learn.  

This flexibility allows us to have more fun, I feel anyway, as I am not constantly stressing about what time it is or what we are going to do next.  It works for us.  Every day my children see new adventures and challenges as they grow up into beautiful girls.  My eldest will soon be moving into pre school, which is a big challenge and new adventure for her and my youngest is learning to brush her teeth.

Dora the Explorer from Nick Jr, have a range of down loadable step by step guides which are fun for children and helps to guide them on their own adventure.  Here is the brushing teeth one.  My girls love to learn and have a great sense of achievement when they do something themselves.  Dora can be there with my girls to guide them as they learn.  

My eldest also loves to record how quick she is growing and is taking great pride in measuring herself with the Dora the Explorer height chart.  With its soft foam back and fun magnets and stickers my eldest loves to measure things, including me

so big

So if its learning to ride a bike

riding a bike

Learning to brush your teeth

brushing teeth

Baking for the first time

Learning to bake

Or simply one of life's little adventure

off on an adventure

 A good routine and the helpful guides from Dora the Explorer can help you on your way.

The girls were very kindly sent a Dora the Explorer wall chart to review, all words and opinions are my own.

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  1. We have just received a wall chart and I'm going to use it with my youngest as we're having a few behavioural issues with him lately. Wish us luck!


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