Review : stories for my little sister

I have been a follower of Stories for my little sister for some time.  What I love about stories for my little sister, is that it is that, they are stories made by a big sister for her baby sister.  You get a real sense of the bond between the two sisters when you read through the site.  I hope my girls have this bond as they grow older.

There are lots of activities to do, from colouring, puzzles and jigsaws.  There is Harrison's blog, he is a hamster.  Of course there are also the books.  The latest book is about Heloise.  Heloise is a rhino, a very glam one at that.  She provides inner strength and confidence.  The little girls grows up through the book and Heloise is there every step of the way.  Providing support on the first day of school to growing up and wondering about looking cool.   Heloise is that little help that we all need from time to time.  I love the rhymes and the illustrations.  Most importantly I love the theme through the book, be true to you.

On these rainy summer days when the children are perhaps a little fed up why not take a look at stories for my little sister, there just might be something there to spark an activity or a story for quiet time.  


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  1. Hi Leyla,

    Thank you so much for this lovely post about our website - Diana and I are really chuffed.

    We love that you sense the bond between us coming through in our stories. Many of the stories do have their roots in the stories I made up for Diana when we were kids (she's just under three years younger than me), and now, as adults, as we develop them for the website - and when we come up with new story ideas and characters - I always picture Diana as the little girl she once was, listening to me.

    Thank you again,



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