Trains, bikes and chocolate

The weather this past week has been terrible.  Any spare moment I have had it has rained.  Any opportunity to get outdoors has been taken, quickly.

The rain held off today, although it was cloudy and cold this morning.  I started off the day with a jumper on I was that cold.  One of the things I love about where we live is that there is a lot to do with the girls.  A favourite of my eldest is Kirklees Light Rail..  She really adores trains, so with a break in the weather we headed out.

The girls got very excited as we sat on the train

on the train

My youngest wanted to wave at everyone as we went past.  


At the end of the track is a lovely play area, which the girls love.  Last time we came it was Easter and my eldest asked where the Easter bunny was as he meet her at the Play area when we got off the train.  I had to tell her he had gone home but would be back at Easter.  The girls loved playing in the sand and built lots of sandcastles.

sand in bucketbuilding sandcastles

 The only thing that stopped them playing was the sound of the whistle from the train as it came into the station.  This got my youngest attention every time.  I think she looks very grown up here.

standing tall

The girls wanted to drive their own train, especially because they had been watching them come and go from the station.  

driving the trainthrough the window

Their train finally arrived at their chosen destination, the slide!  My youngest would climb up the slide and then turn round and sit to go down, whilst my eldest used the more traditional stairs. 

the slide

The next train arrived so we got on board and headed back home, the girls of course waving to all who went past.

Watching the train go past

After playing with her bike in the garden my eldest then declared she wanted to ride her bike to feed the ducks.  This left me in a bit of a situation, as pushing my eldest on a bike, walking a dog and then what do I do with my youngest? I thought I would be brave and give it a go.  Normally I would use BOB, and there is therefore no issue, but with my eldest in her 'I want my bike' mood BOB had to stay at home.

I left BOB at home and ventured out.  Now what I did not mention in previous posts is I have a Kiddy Adventure Pack, Kiddy very kindly sent me one to review [a review will follow soon] and to help me with my training for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks.  I would use this in training when I could not use BOB or if I only had one child.  The only thing was I was always on my own so never really got the chance to take pictures.  I also would not have a bike or a dog with me, I figured that using my Kiddy adventure pack was going to be the only solution.

My eldest was so happy that she got to ride [by ride I mean I pushed her] to feed the ducks.  She jumped off her bike got out the bread from the bag we had tied to the front and she fed the ducks.  

feeding the ducks

After feeding the ducks we continued to walk around the lake, with J standing always beside my eldest, I think in protection mode.  My eldest was ever so happy to be on her bike.

me and my dog

My youngest loves the Kiddy Adventure Pack because she is so high up and she can see everything.  I got fingers pointing and her saying words, even quack quack quack as we walked past the ducks. 

view from up high

I am glad I found a solution and took the girls out as they both really enjoyed themselves.  My favourite part of today though happened this morning at breakfast.  My youngest who is very nearly 15 months, said 'Chocolate' and pointed at the chocolate, not believing what I had heard said to her ' Did you say chocolate' she replied with 'Mummy, more Chocolate'  I said to her ' Do you want chocolate' she looked at me nodded and said 'Yeah'.  I love that she is putting words together to make sentences.  

This day I love trains, bikes and chocolate. 

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  1. A train ride to a play area sounds wonderful! I am off to find out how far this is from my house! :0) x x

  2. The train ride and park at the end sounds perfect for your little ones! Well done for taking them both and the dog to feed the ducks - I would call that park of the training! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos of all your outdoor fun with Country Kids.


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