rain rain go away

OK, so I am not one to go on about the weather but I am really getting fed up of this rain now.  I am wanting to finish BIG, so close, and am wanting to go out and play with the girls.  In the breaks between the rain we did manage to get a little done on our BIG project.

We finished the repair works on our play frame and my Dad came to help.  We unfortunately could not save the ladder, it was too badly rotten and lots of the rungs had cracked.  Big game hunters came to our rescue and sent us a new wooden ladder.  

new wooden ladder

We had to get it a little wider than the previous ladder in order to give the correct height.  The wood used is of great quality.  The ladder feels really well built and is smooth, so there was no need to sand.  We plan on painting the ladder with the rest of the climbing frame, but the rain did not hold off long enough.  Both girls could not wait to try out the new ladder.  My eldest was a bit wary at first but she scaled it with ease.  My youngest can manage the first few but then wants picking up.  Better than she does with other ladders.

youngest up laddereldest up ladder

We were also sent the TP activity pack to add to the climbing frame.  The activity pack contains a chalk board, a phone and a telescope.  The idea was to replace the chalk board at the top of the ladder, but my eldest did not want to, as she likes the clock.  So instead we put the chalk board inside the play house for her, and she spent most of the morning chalking. 

chalk board in play house

The chalk board was a huge success and great to spend some time outdoors, even when it was raining.  The rain cleared and my eldest wanted to play pirates.  She scaled the ladders to board her ship and began her look out through her telescope.  She spied treasure.

i spylooking for treasure

Quick, she needed to make a telephone call to call her sister.  Her sister answered and off they went to dig up the treasure.

answering the phonemaking the call

finished call

Whilst the girls were off hunting for treasure, my Dad was busy with the new swing, to replace the worn out tyre swing.  The girls are too little to make use of the tyre swing, so I wanted something they could make use of and something which would be fun and last some time.  I came across a Horse swing made out of recycled tyres, at Great Little Trading Co.   With my eldest really loving horses I thought this would be ideal for her.

My Dad made a beam for the swing and set about putting the tyre up.  The swing itself comes fully assembled but it still needs putting into the right height.

Dad fixing swing

One of the main ideas behind BIG is to make new of something old.  The horse tyre swing fits in perfectly with this.  It is made from a recycled tyre, and carefully moulded into the shape of a horse.  My eldest fell in love with it the second it was up.  She was so happy to play on her horse, I think they are going to be friends for life.

eldest loves horse swing

Unfortunately this happened

dark clouds

and kept happening.  The only thing we have left to do now with project BIG, is paint the climbing frame.  As soon as the weather eases, we shall paint the climbing frame.  I cannot wait to show you the images when it is all complete and finally reveal what BIG is about.

Not to be deterred by the bad weather, I wrapped up the girls and BOB, and we headed out

BOB ready to go

We met my Mum at the park, and unsurprisingly it was empty.  My eldest loved having free run to explore the park.  She loved running around and playing on the slide.  My youngest slept the whole time.

enjoying the parkfun on the slide

running freeroly poly

Of course it was soon time to head home but my eldest did not seem to mind too much as she wanted to get home to her horse.

Happy on her horse

My eldest really wants the rain to go away so she can play outside on her horse, and I really want the rain to go away so we can play outside and paint our climbing frame.

This day I love rain rain go away

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