Project 365 : Week 40

Is it really week 40 already? Can't quite believe it.


I took my eldest to see Andy and Mikes Tick Tock time Machine.  The show has just started its Autumn / Winter tour and are also supporting the Lullaby trust.  The show was absolutely fantastic and if there is a date near you I would really recommend going.  My daughter and I really enjoyed ourselves.

Andy and Mike Tick Tock Time Machine

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

I set off late on Sunday evening to do the 4 hour drive to head office.  I spent the evening in a hotel which would become my home for the next few days.  Starting at 8-8.30 am every morning and then coming back to the hotel for 6 pm before spending the rest of the evening studying.  I had a three day training course, followed by some very difficult exams which had high pass marks.  Compulsory for the job too.  Not to worry I passed them and am now getting ready for the next lot.  

I have decided not to put a photo in as the picture would either be of a service station [boring], the inside of a hotel room [very boring], or some blank pieces of paper [incredibly boring], as the materials I had for training along with the inside of head office is all confidential, sorry about that.

Hope this also explains my absence of late.  


After a rather long day at work, this time closer to home, I managed to make it in time to pick the girls up from nursery.  They were very pleased to see me after my three/four days away.  I loved watching them play together.  Those days away I really missed them.

Empty the cupboard


I think spending time away from the girls has made them want to be near to me more so than before.  I don't really mind I like the cuddles.  It was rather cute in the morning when I woke up and both girls had climbed into bed with me.



My eldest had a small accident, thankfully she is OK, and so we spent our afternoon in a and e.  As you can see she wasn't all that bothered by her trip to the hospital and kept herself rather busy whilst we waited.

hospital fun

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  1. glad she is ok and how cute they got into bed with you for cuddles xxx

  2. gosh you are having a busy time of it with work aren't you? still it makes time with the girls more special doesnt it ? i love the pic of them in bed with you - i have this almost every night fro my youngest and i am a SAHM!!! rubbish sleep for me all the time!
    i am glad your daughter was ok after her trip to A & E xx

  3. Fab meeting Andy - he is lovely isn'y he?
    We were disappointed they didn't come and say hello when we saw Tick Tock Time Machine, but we saw him at LolliBop

  4. Well done on the exams and good luck for the next ones honey. I love the photo of the girls playing in the cupboard x

  5. Friday's photo is so special I love it

  6. It must be very hard to be away from them for work, sympathies because I know it's a necessary evil. Hope your eldest is ok?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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