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I'm not going to lie, I am not the best at sewing. In fact last time I tried to sew a button back on to a top I stitched the top plus button to my trouser leg. I dread sewing labels on to my girls clothes. I have tried the iron on ones, but to be honest I'm just as bad with an iron and they tend to come off really quick. With my daughter in pre school I needed something that would not only work on her clothes but her bag, her shoes, and her water bottle.

Stamptastic really solved my problem. So far it has worked on everything I have tried.


I thought about writing this review after I first used Stamptastic to label everything, as I was unbelievably impressed but then I thought I would wait a while, because what matters to me is how long the label lasts. It's great that its easy to apply, more of this to follow, but its no good if it was only to last one wash, for example, this however is not the case.

view through stamp

First application. The Stamptastic is an acrylic clear block. You are able to look through the block to clearly see the name which you are about to stamp. This means you can place the stamp exactly where you want it. Press the stamp firmly onto the ink pad to add ink and then stamp onto your chosen surface. Very quick, easy and simple to do. Labelling all those items of school uniform has never been so fast and so easy.

stamp on metal

I first tested the stamp on paper, no issues here, very easy to use and it lasts. Great for labelling things like books. I moved onto my daughters bag, which is a cotton/plastic type mix. One of those wipe clean kids bags. The stamp went on really well and very easy, no runs and no smudges. The same was true for her clothes, denim, cotton, the material type did not matter. Stamptastic managed them all. Final challenge for Stamptastic was my daughters cups, one plastic and one metal. Stamptastic did these with ease.

Stamp on paper

After 3 months of use I am pleased to say the following. The labels on the clothes are all still there and readable. If they were to fade I could simple re stamp over the top. As are the labels in my daughters shoes and bag. The label on my daughters plastic cup has started to fade though and I have had to re stamp, but this cup is washed every day. The label on the metal cup faded around 6 weeks, again this cup is also washed every day. With the Stamptastic so easy to use I do not mind stamping the items again. I have followed the storage instructions on the ink and am still able to use the same ink pad.

Overall I am so pleased with the Stamptastic. I have not yet found a surface I cannot stamp, it's a little tricky over curved surfaces but its still manageable. I am very impressed with how long the stamp lasts and how easy it is to re apply if needed. This product is amazing for making light work of labelling and is so easy to use.

I was sent two stamps, one for each girl to review, all thoughts are my own

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