Project 365 : Week 52 [and a bit]

Yay, I did it!  A whole year and a photo a day!  So here it is the final week of Project 365 for 2013


We drove up the M62 to visit Lisa [Hollybobbs] and family to celebrate her daughters birthday.  We had a wonderful day and the girls really enjoyed them selves.  I had loads of wonderful photos and when I was looking through I spotted this.  My daughter who asked to hold my phone in the car had actually been taking photos.  I was surprised but also rather impressed!

photo of M62


The girls absolutely adore our dog.  So much so that they dressed up the dog in their fairy wings, he wasn't at all bothered and it made them laugh!

Flying dog

Tuesday [Christmas Eve]

Christmas Eve and the girls got ready for Santa coming by making reindeer food.  

making reindeer food

Wednesday [Christmas Day]

We had a really wonderful Christmas spent with family.  Whilst I had lots of fantastic pictures I had to choose this as one of my favourite, I think it sums Christmas up!

Eating Christmas dinner

Thursday [Boxing Day]

We generally spent the day playing and having fun.  Of course J got in on the action too.



My eldest and I baked cakes, as she knows that after Christmas comes her birthday.  She hasn't yet figured out its a good few months away but she wanted to make a Happy Birthday cake.

Making cake


With it still raining outside another day spent in playing.  The girls love their fold out books, in particular the pirate ship.  This has lead to my youngest randomly shouting 'Ahoy' round the house!

Ahoy pirate boat book


With a break in the rain we ventured outside.  Shortly after this photo was taken, the pushchair became stuck in incredibly deep sticky mud and I almost put out a tweet to be rescued.

Muddy walks


Bit of a silly day today, my eldest kept pulling faces and asking to have her photo taken.

Silly faces

Tuesday [New Years Eve]

We decided to venture out in the cold and wet and took the girls shopping.  There was a merry go round and both girls loved waving at everyone as they went round.  I think a perfect way to wave goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014!

Wave the New Year

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  1. Christmas looks like it was busy, but fun. We had that pirate ship book - H wore it out because he played with it so much. Happy New Year!

  2. It looks like you guys have had some lovely family time over the last 10 days. I do love the fact your dog really does like to get involved it makes me laugh!

    I am sending love of hugs, health and happiness for 2014 .. and i cant wait to meet up again soon xx

  3. such a lovely collection of photos. your girls are good eating their xmas dinner - mine at one sausage each!grrr
    making reindeer food is a loveoy idea i have seen a few other children make it, i must remember it for next year. that pirate book looks amazing - i deliberated getting it for Jenson but chnaged my mind!
    happy new year x x

  4. I love the Boxing Day and Sunday photographs, cracking angles! I can't believe you put fairy wings on the dog.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365 this year and well done on completing the year, I've been so pleased to see your family photos and I know it's been time-consuming and hard work at times.


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