the rain can't stop play

It might be horrible weather outside but that can't stop the girls and I having some fun.

My eldest and I love to bake together and I recently came across a new website, Baking Mad, when looking for some easy baking recipes.  The rainy weather gave us the perfect opportunity to try some of the recipes.  First up my eldest wanted to bake some Monster Inc cakes we had bought. 

girls spoon cake batter eldest mixing cake

The girls love to eat all the mixture before it gets to the cake case, but they did rather well and managed to get a few of the cases filled.

With the cakes in the oven, we searched baking mad for something else to bake.  We wanted to find something quick and easy and settled upon Easy Scone.  It was really easy to find a recipe to bake and the website was clearly set out, our only problem was choosing what to make.

My youngest was a little upset as she wanted to do all the mixing, and when she finally got her turn she cheered up.

Youngest mixing

After all the baking there was only one thing my eldest wanted to do, and that was to be Snow White

Eldest as snow white

The rain most certainly could not stop our play!

This day I love the rain can't stop play. 

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