10 Reasons why you need a Lumix TZ55

For those not familiar with the Lumix TZ55 it is Panasonic new versatile high quality camera and it claims to be perfect for travelling.  I decided to put it to the test and came up with 10 reasons why I think you should own one.

1. Suits both professional and amateur 

The Lumix TZ55 is packed full of high quality specifications including:

24mm ultra-wide angle lens,  LumixDC Vario lens
powerful 20x optical zoom for both photo and video recording
Shoot Videos in HD
Tiltable LCD screen,
high-sensitivity 16.1-mega pixel MOS sensor and Sonic Speed Auto Focus (AF), 
Shoot at 10 Frames per Second (FPS) in high speed burst mode
Integrated Wifi

I will admit to being an amateur when it comes to photography and do not pretend to know all the technical know how but what I do know is this camera maybe small but it certainly looks the part.  I have had several comments of how smart the camera looks and how impressed people are by it.  It appeals to both professional and amateurs.

2. Intelligent Auto Mode

I will admit that the majority of the time my Lumix TZ55 sits in this mode.  This clever little button takes out all the hard work.  All settings are pre selected and determined by the camera.  The camera works out how much light, if you are trying to focus on something close or a persons face etc and selects the best mode for you.  This takes out all the hard work.

3. Tiltable screen

I like to call this the selfie mode.  The large LCD screen can tilt upwards meaning it is possible to take selfies.  I love this feature as I can now take photos of me and the girls together which previously I have struggled to do, oh and see the screen at the same time so I know what I am taking a photo of!

4. Zoom

The zoom on this camera is phenomenal.  I was stood at the back of an event with the girls and we could zoom right up close to see exactly what was happening on stage, without loosing quality.  I also used it recently to zoom up to Scarborough castle to see how busy it was to work out if it was worth going.  I could see the sea gulls flying over the castle and the people on the bridge, it was amazing.

The castle is through the train window on the top of the cliff, you can just about make out a tiny peak on the cliff top.  This is the castle which I have zoomed into.

5. Editing

The camera allows you to edit photos and add special effects to those already taken and stored on the camera before they are downloaded.  Great if you have a spare few minutes.

6. Special features

There are 15 image effect built into the camera including Dynamic Monochrome, Old days, sepia and my favourite colour select.  Colour select means the whole image is black and white other than the colour you have chosen and it has created some amazing pictures.

7. Wifi

The camera has built in wifi meaning you can transfer images to a PC.  It also means that if you download the Panasonic app you can control the camera wireless via a smart phone or tablet.  Handy for self recording, for all of you that Vlog!

8. Ease of Use

I will admit I skim read the instruction manual but not in depth reading.  I have however figured out how the majority of buttons work by trial and error.  Simply because everything is straight forward and does what it claims to do.  

9. Scene Selection and Panoramic 

I love panoramic modes, I think they are a great way to capture images whilst travelling and the Panasonic Lumix TZ55 certainly does not disappoint. It was easy to use and captured some great images.  The scene selection is also great with a wide choice including starry night, Baby, Pets, Food and drink and Portrait, there are 16 in total.

10. Recording in HD

This makes it perfect for travelling because now I can capture my videos in HD all in one place.  I managed to capture some beautiful videos whilst we were on holiday and this makes it the perfect travelling companion.

This is an unedited video.  I wanted to show how the video starts off out of focus but the camera is clever and adjusts so the video becomes in focus.  It is also a video whilst moving on a train so it gives some indication of the ability of the camera to keep in focus whilst moving.

All images and videos are the raw files from the camera, I have not edited in anyway from the camera.

If you have a Panasonic Lumix TZ55 I would love to know your thoughts.  If you need any other reasons to own a Panasonic camera how about their Which Award, Top Photography Brand.

I am part of the Panasonic Mums team and have been provided with a Panasonic Lumix TZ55 to review.  This is my own honest opinion and all words are my own.

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