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Opinion matters recently conducted a survey on behalf of Panasonic of 2000 adults in May 2014, they were looking at household chores and responsibilities.

The Panasonic domestic report found that modern busy mums are feeling the pressure to keep an immaculate home. I know this feeling all too well, particularly when I worked full time. I found it hard to balance time with the children and working, as well as looking after a house. The survey found that two thirds wish they could clean more but struggle to find time and 78% are embarrassed to have visitors round because of the mess.

Time is often the thing we wish we had more of. I refuse to do house work over the weekend as this is the time we spend together as a family and I think it is important to have this quality time together. I still clean up after ourselves and load the dishwasher etc. but not a major house clean. Others find the time when the children go to bed to do the housework.

As the children have gotten older they want to help and so often give them a duster and we clean together, singing songs and having a dance as we go. Cleaning with someone is much more fun and a great way to make it go faster.

Aggie Mackenzie

A top tip from Aggie Mackenzie is to skip the gym, no really. 30 minutes of vacuuming burns around 90 calories. We put music on and have a dance too and you could always engage your core as you stretch high to reach those curtain rails. Create your own workout at home whilst you make your home sparkling clean.

Others like to hire a cleaner although 75% admitted to cleaning before the cleaner comes so as to not show how untidy they really are. This results in a waste of £30million employing cleaners per year.

The best top tip from Aggie is making sure appliances are clean and in good working order. This can result in better more efficient appliances and therefore more effective cleaning. Cleaning washing machines regularly ensures cleaner clothes. I've also found that a steam iron is much better at ironing than a Traditional iron. It seems to be much quicker and gives a better finish meaning I spend less time ironing!

I would love to know your top tips for household chores.

I have not received monetary payment for this post.  It is written in collaboration with Panasonic. 

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