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Having now potty trained the girls I could not have done it without the right equipment. Here is my list of things I would recommend

Baba and boo potty training pants
These potty training pants have been amazing. When my girls where in pull up nappies they would assume they were in a normal nappy and be lazy and not tell me they needed to go. What baba and boo training pants did was catch the wee or the poo, but yet the girls knew about it. It stopped them from being lazy and made them start asking for the toilet/potty. Unlike ordinary pants though, they are slightly thicker meaning less overall mess. Often I would find I only needed to change the pants and not the entire outfit.

Poutry seat and step
I have really loved the pouty range. The seat follows the same design as the potty which means that when the child is transitioning from potty to toilet they are already familiar and comfortable with the feel of the seat. This makes things a lot easier and quicker. The seat is also adjustable so it fits correctly on most seat types, was a bit wobbly on a square toilet. The step is light weight and portable so my daughter could carry it herself, helping with her independence of getting off and on the toilet and also to get to the sink to wash her hands.

The Lumipotti has been absolutely fantastic for night time use, it stays in my daughters bedroom and she can easily find it at night. If we are upstairs during the day too she knows it is there and will go and use it. The wide base provides extra stability and it is easy to clean afterwards.  A great way to encourage day and night dryness as the Lumipotti can be used both day and night.  The additional night light is great for toddlers too.

Squid soap
I will be writing the review for this shortly, but this is great for teaching children to wash their hands correctly. I think this is an important skill that can be taught at the same time as potty training.

Stickers, rewards charts and sweets
Invest in whichever method of rewards works best and make sure you have plenty in stock. You don't want to run out!

My wee friend
These great little stickers can be stuck inside the potty. They are black unless activated by water. They then display a smiling face. The idea is the child's wee activates the sticker creating a sense of achievement and one they can see.

Dry like me
I discovered dry like me late on with the toilet training for my youngest.  They are pads which can be stuck into normal pants and as they are absorbent they catch the child's wee.  I found them particularly useful for night time training or if we were going in the car on a long car journey and I knew she would fall asleep on the way.

I would love to know what equipment you found useful, please let me a comment and let me know

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  1. The main things we had when potty training was a potty downstairs, a toilet seat and step upstairs, a cheap potty to keep in the car & out n about! x


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