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Sometimes something comes along that really makes you go wow. The lite cup did just this. I know what your thinking, how can you get excited about a cup, right? Trust me this is no ordinary cup.

Imagine the scene, it's night and you or your child have woken up thirsty for some water. You fumble around looking for the cup on your night stand and whoosh, next thing you know you have knocked the cup of water all over. You are now wide awake, or worse yet the water has woken up your child. Which results in a change of bed sheets, change of clothes and a wide awake child who is rather upset at the rude awakening. I suppose you could just not give your child a drink at the side of the bed, but then you know what will happen, a 3am wake up call, 'I need a drink'. I guess the other option is a no spill valve cup, which is great, but if like me you are trying to have your children drink from normal cups, not the best solution.

You see this is where lite cup offers a solution. First it is rather clever no spill, yet it doesn't have a valve as such and you drink from it like a normal cup

lite cup

Second there is a button on the underside which you press to give the cup a blue glow. The light is just enough so you can locate the cup in the night, but not enough to keep you awake or stop you going to sleep.

glow of cup

The lite cup can then be easily located in the dark. As it is used as a traditional cup, and not a typical child's no spill cup, it is suitable for both adults and children. It did take my eldest some convincing on how to drink from the cup, but she managed it first time.

drinking from cup

The downside well you cannot use hot drinks, put in microwave or dishwasher but it is easy to clean and I guess if the intended purpose is to use at night for a drink of water, then the microwave or hot drink is slightly irrelevant.

We have been really impressed with the lite cup, it's not often something has impressed me so much.

 I was sent a Lite cup to review.  All words and opinions are my own. 

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  1. I have these cups for my two kids who love to take a drink with them to bed and I'm so pleased to have one that doesnt leak or the lid pop of like the general sippy cups. Totally love this cup!


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