Just me and my doll

Today I had the day with my youngest whilst my eldest was at school.  It was nice just spending the day together just the two of us, and we spent our day playing games.

My youngest is 2 years old and has recently started wanting to play with dolls.  One of her favourite things is dressing them, which of course means undressing.  With some dolls this can raise a few questions.  My youngest has a Lottie Doll, which we were sent as we are part of the ambassador program.  We have the Pirate Queen Lottie but there are a huge range of dolls which all follow the motto, Be bold, be Brave and Be you.

Like my daughter Lottie is also two, it was her birthday last month, and she is age appropriate.  There are no tattoos, no makeup or jewelry and her body resembles that of a child.  That is great as it means my girls are not in a rush to grow up.  My daughter loves carrying around Lottie, she is 7" or 18cm tall.

We spent most of the day dressing and undressing Lottie.  As Lottie is flexible my daughter can do this by herself.  She loves all the clothes Lottie has, especially the pirate hat.  After we had got Lottie dressed we had to do her hair.  We brushed it and put in a pony tail, before deciding the hat looked best with nothing in the hair.

Whilst Lottie is recommended for ages 3 -9 my youngest at 2 absolutely adores her.  We play games with Lottie and she sings pirate songs as she plays with her.  She even wanted to take photos of her to show her Grandma and Grandad.

We really love our Lottie doll and I would put it as a recommend for Christmas.  Why not follow Lottie on Facebook or via twitter, @Lottie_dolls, to keep up to date with all Lottie things.

There is a competition which is been hosted by all the brand ambassadors for your chance to win 2 Lottie dolls and 2 accessory packs from the current range  

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The competition is open between 14th September and 12th October.

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