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Last year I made this video for the national trust 50 things to do before 11 3/4.

We have had so much fun ticking things off the list and have continued this year. One of my girls favourites has been making daisy chains, which you can read here. Last year we didn't manage to find any frog spawn or play conkers. We have created a wildlife pond in our garden in the hope of frog spawn, I shall keep you posted. We also recently collected some conkers.

After we collected our conkers it was time to show the girls how to play.  They got a little upset when I started to put the string on, but soon cheered up when I showed them what to do.

The girls had a lot of fun playing with their conkers.  They soon began inventing their own games with them and generally playing with both the ones on the string and off.  The great thing about the 50 things campaign form the National trust is that it gets children out and exploring nature.  Even in the Autumn there is plenty to explore and do.  What are you waiting for get outside and explore because nature misses you.

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