The adventures of Abney & Teal

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We are fans of the cbeebies show Abney & Teal. The girls love Toby the dog. For those unfamiliar with the show Abney & Teal are two rag doll friends who live on an island on a lake in a park. They have lots of adventures with their friends bob, a river mammal, Toby, a dog and Neep, a turnip. The show centres around friendship.

My daughter was excited to receive one of the first Abney & Teal magazines, published by DJ Murphy, which go in sale on Thursday 23rd October. The magazine comes with some musical instrument which is in keeping with the show. Throughout the 36 pages children are introduced to the characters and there is a great sense of discovery, as well as creativity, music, literacy and activities.

The magazine is in keeping with the show and my daughter had no problem recognising the characters. She loved the activities and it kept her entertained. For £2.99 this is a lovely magazine that is paced with fun educational activities for children, as well as stories ad games. A must have for Abney & Teal fans.

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