New uniform

As winter sets in I am having to adapt my daughters school uniform.  I originally bought her lots of skirts and a pack of tights for school.  The problem is her eczema has taken a dislike to tights and my daughter is coming home covered in itchy rashes.  I could be a mean Mummy and send her to school in the cold with ankle socks and a skirt.   I have tried long socks but they do not stay up, so I am left looking for trousers.

I was a little worried with putting my daughter in trousers for school.  I thought that trousers would not have as much feminine detail as the skirts, but I was wrong.  The main problem I found was locating uniform, as most places no longer stock any or a great choice meaning I was left looking on line.

Trutex is available all the time, which is great as I can shop when the girls are in bed.  They had a beautiful selection of trousers too, not too masculine.  I also picked up some shirts, as for some reason her existing ones have pen all over them and a jumper.  

The new uniform arrived and my first test was to wash and iron.  The uniform washed really well, no colour leak and nothing came apart.  Ironing was easy too, I think it must be an easy iron uniform.  My daughter is rather pleased with her new uniform and took great pride in showing it off

If like me your little one has messed up all their uniform or even had a growth spurt, then I would recommend buying your school uniform from Trutex.  Everything is of great quality and washes and irons beautifully,  Most of all my daughter thinks they are really comfortable. 

We received one jumper, a pack of shirts and a pair of trousers for review.  All words are my own opinion. 

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