Feeling like a kid again

I have a guilty pleasure, and that is wrestling.  I would if I could spend all day watching wrestling.  Before anyone says to me 'You know it's not real don't you' I would like to point out that neither are the soaps that many people enjoy watching yet they are still enjoyed and watched by many.  This is the point for me, I enjoy watching it.  I don't really care that the end result of the match is pre determined nor does it bother me that the moves maybe pre planned, rehearsed or even in some instances [not all] simply acting.  In the same way that people get involved with the story lines on soaps, who killed so and so in this soap this week and it turns into a huge discussion, wrestling has the same appeal and involvement.

The main difference is that wrestlers really are true athletes.  If you don't believe me take a look at this Youtube video starring WWE superstar Adrian Neville [it is only 30 seconds]

To do what they do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis takes time, dedication and skill and I have a lot of respect for them, so when faced with the question 'You know it's not real, don't you' my answer is 'does it matter'

I have such fond memories of my Dad taking me to see wrestling as a child and of going again when I was older with my friends, so when I was invited to go to Leeds to see WWE live I simply could not refuse.

Our view at WWE

I went with one of my oldest and closest friends and we were both very excited when we sat in our seats and realised how close to the ring we were.  It was just like being a kid again.  The feeling of excitement and a flood of childhood wrestling memories.  We both joked that if Bret 'the Hitman' Heart, Ultimate Warrior, the Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin walked out from behind the curtains, we would probably both burst into childish screams or at the very least start a chant.  If the Undertaker appeared I think we would have hid behind the chair.

Whilst the wrestlers themselves might have changed, the show, the energy running through the crowd and the electric atmosphere were all as I remembered from my childhood.  As I looked around I saw young children and adults all equally involved and excited by the show.  Whilst I cannot comment on the show, well I can't give away any spoilers, I can say it was truly amazing.

Watching wrestling that evening brought back a flood of wonderful childhood memories and made me feel like a kid again.  I had such an amazing evening and really enjoyed every aspect of the show.  That night WWE live did even more, it made me see the world as if I was a child again and for that I am thankful.

This day I love feeling like a kid again

I was provided with two tickets to WWE live, but was not asked to write about the show. 

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