Good Girls

This year the girls have decided to write their very first letter to Father Christmas.  We began by cutting out things from magazines which both girls wanted for Christmas.

making a letter to Father Christmas

The girls loved cutting and sticking.  They turned over each page and spent a while looking at all the toys, choosing what they would like.  After they had finished cutting and sticking it was time for my eldest to write her letter.  She took great pride in thinking about the words and what she wanted to write, sounding them out and asking me for help.

 Letter to Father Christmas

She has written:

To Santa

We have been good girls.  Please bring us some toys. Love [followed by their names] xxxxxxx

After she wrote the letter she then wrote the envelope

Santa, North Pole, Lapland

envelope to Father Christmas

We placed everything inside the envelope and tomorrow on our way to school we will post the letter to Father Christmas.

The girls loved writing their letter to Father Christmas and I cannot wait to see their faces when they get a reply!

This day I love Good Girls 

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  1. Aww this is lovely. I might try this idea with Big C. Thanks for sharing a great post.


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