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I really love to take photos of the girls. When they were babies I took a photo of them every day for the first year of their lives, to document them growing up. The majority of the photos I take are on my phone, which has no external storage. To print photos stored on my phone can be a little bit tricky, emailing them across or adding to cloud based storage before downloading.

Polagram is an app which helps overcome this problem.

The app was free to download. The app is really easy to navigate, simply press the item you wish to order, prints, large print, posters, photo books and cases. I love that I can create a photo book straight from my phone, and all within the app. Once a product has been selected you are then given a secondary choice, for example in phone cases the model of phone. You can then choose your photos.

Polagram allows you to choose photos not only from your phone but also from Facebook and Instagram. To select a photo you simply click/press it and its then added to your cart. Within the cart you can duplicate the amount of the selected photo or remove if not needed. Ordering is almost complete,simply select recipient and delivery details, along with payment and everything is ordered. Item is shipped the next week day. Quick and simple to do.

Polagram pink envelope and photo

I ordered my prints on Tuesday and they arrived Friday, within the estimated delivery time frame. The prints came in a lovely pink envelope. They are of a beautiful quality and certainly worth the 29p per print. I was a little disappointed as I had wanted to order a gift box but this was not an option on the app, I used the android app. Instead I will be using the prints in frames and to make gifts.

I really think Polagram is a wonderful idea, the ability to Order direct from your phone in such a quick and simple fashion is fantastic. I can order photos, photo books and more anywhere. Next time I'm on holiday, instead of a postcard I will be ordering a print off my phone and sending it direct, whilst I am still on the beach.

We received a pack of Polagram images for the purpose of review.  All words are my own personal opinion. 

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  1. I'm definitely going to be giving these a try soon such a fab idea!


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