Bottoms up, it is juice time

One of the great sides of blogging is blogging events.  They are a great way to meet new bloggers and brands.  The lovely team at Joe Bloggers had organised a introjuicing bloggers event.  The event gave us the opportunity to try juice, learn about nutrition, play with juicers and do some Yoga.  You can read more about the day here.

bloggers bottoms and juicers

I arrived at the event and could not believe the amount of fruit and vegetables in front of me.  They were all so pretty under the sun streaming through the windows.

fruit and veg

We were split into groups and first I got to try out Rocket Yoga.

bloggers do yoga

It would appear that you can take a group of bloggers to yoga, yet they will all assume the same position.  I must admit to having my phone by the side of my mat too.  Whilst doing Yoga I noticed how pretty the lights were and had to take a photo.  

pretty lights

Next we got the chance to play with the juicers.  They were so much fun and it was great putting different flavours together just to try.  I love Lime so made a few sour tasting juices but loved each of them.  It was great to hear from a nutritional view point too, and was given several recipes to try at home.  

I don't think I have ever drunk so much juice before and I certainly had my monthly allowance of fruit and veg.  If you would like to check out some photos of the day have a look on instagram with the hashtag #Currysintrojuicing

Thank you to Currys and to Joe bloggers for a great day.

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