Review : Elsa magic snow sleeve

My girls aged 4 and 2 are Frozen obsessed.  They randomly burst into Let it go whenever the mood takes them and much to the amusement of passers by.  They want to eat from blue plates as this is Elsa colours and all blue cars are Elsa cars.  

My eldest daughter came home from school to find a special deliver from Flair and Rubies.  She opened the box to find a beautiful Elsa dress from Rubies and Elsa magic snow sleeve from Flair.  She was incredibly excited and began to get changed.

The Elsa dress is beautiful and comes complete with cape, it was perfect for twirling and singing let it go.  She has already asked if she can wear it when we go see Cinderella, as she knows that we will also be seeing Frozen Fever the new short film.  It is released just in time for the Easter holidays from 27th March.  I cannot wait to take her.

She put on her Elsa magic sleeve by using the velcro, which fitted her tiny wrists and stayed in place.  We then began by putting in the magic snow.  With hindsight we will do this outdoors in the future.

The magic snow sleeve comes with everything you need, the bracelet, magic snow [aka silly string], water bottle and a Elsa glove.

Everything was easy to put on, my daughter could do it herself with little help.  It was then time for her to unleash her magical frozen powers.  She loved squirting the magic snow everywhere, but the power seemed to run out after 10 minutes.  

Not to worry we then used the water bottle.  This squirted water and it will be a lot of fun in the summer for the girls to play with.

The spray on both the snow and water have a really strong reach, the ceiling was covered in magic snow as was the other side of the room.  Probably better for outdoor use.  My eldest daughter loved having magical Elsa powers and has told all her friends about them.  Hopefully this short video will show you how much fun she had

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On the 27th March 1-3pm there will be a twitter frenzy with +UKMumsTV using the hashtags #Letitgo and #MagicSnowSleeve we would love to see you there

We were sent the items in this post for the purpose of review.  All words and opinions are my own.

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