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I feel like I owe everyone an apology at the moment and to be honest I am not sure where to begin.  Three weeks ago my eldest daughter started with the sniffles, she was OK but just needed extra TLC from her Mum.  To add to this the final date for my assignment was the 20th March.  I worked all hours to get it finished as it had to reach them by post on this date, which meant realistically it had to be done well before.  House work, blogging and life were put on hold to get a 4,000 word assignment on Digital marketing channels completed on time.  I cannot begin to explain the relief when I had a confirmation email saying the assignment had been received on time.

That weekend we packed up and went to Wales for a week.  Spending the week at Bluestones and to be honest, enjoying time with the girls.  The excitement meant the girls would not settle and my eldest started with a terrible cough.  The car journey home was horrendous and full of sick.  There were delays on the journey and we all returned home feeling, for want of a better word, Yak.

That night it seemed to hit us all.  We all have a terrible cough, a cough which hurts your chest and you loose your breath and seems to go on forever.  This cough is disturbing our sleep, there is at least one of us up coughing, or blowing our noses at all hours.  Our throats feel red raw, our bodies ache and we all seem to have lost the ability to regulate body temperature.  The girls temperatures are all over the place, night sweats and shaking it is horrible to watch and even more horrible to be experiencing at the same time.

poorly youngest sleeping

Today is the first day all week I have been able to sit up long enough to write something on the computer.  It is also the first time in 3 weeks I have 1 of the girls asleep before 9pm.  It won't be long before the coughing wakes her up again though.

The past three weeks have been really hard.  I have done my best to get out and take the girls places but to be honest perhaps should have rested as am paying for it now.

I therefore feel I owe everyone an apology.  I am not normally this far behind on reviews, sponsored posts or even blogging itself.  I am not normally this quiet on social media or as far behind with commenting and replying to comments.  I will catch up soon I promise.  For now though I need to get my girls and myself well again and hopefully we will be able to enjoy some of the Easter holidays.

Please send us your happy thoughts

This day I love Happy thoughts

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  1. Oh gosh! You don't need to apologise....Your health and family come first! Always!!
    I hope you all feel better soon! Hugs x

  2. Sometimes things just get in the way of blogging and that is OK I've been doing this for nerly 8 years now and had loads of breaks, the blog is always still there. I hope you are all feeling really well soon. Mich x

  3. Hope you feel better soon. It's so tough when lurgy strikes...

  4. Oh, I hope everyone is feeling better. And I'm sure everyone understands you fall behind when everyone is sick.


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