Project 365 : Week 14

This week can go down in history as the week with the lurgy.  


I really was not feeling well but felt I could not let the charity down and so took part in my first ever 10K road race.  I completed the race in 1 hour and 5 minutes which given the course and my health I was pleased with.


After a trip to the Dr for some cough medicine and dosing up on paracetamol we headed to Scarborough to visit the penguins.  SeaLife Scarborough have just opened penguin island, if you love penguins you have to go.


As April approaches I start looking back through old photos of my sister.  I came across this one and was so surprised at how much the girls look like my sister.  She would have been the same age as my youngest here, and I the same as my eldest.


I set up an Easter theme challenge for the girls using their CleverStix.  The girls love Cleverstix and really enjoyed the challenge.  As soon as I feel better I shall be adding the video to YouTube.


Wanting to make the most of the day with just my eldest we headed to the shopping centre.  She needed new shoes and of course she wanted to see Cinderella.  Apologies to everyone in the cinema for the coughing, sneezing and nose blowing.


The week took its toll on all of us.  I had planned to go out to Nostell Priory and take part in their egg hunt but I could not move and neither could the girls.  We all felt really poorly and so a day on the sofa it was.


My eldest is feeling better and my youngest has turned a corner.  She is still poorly but no where near as bad.  I have developed a nasty ear ache, on top of the cough and runny nose.  Whilst everything hurts I had to take the girls out so they could enjoy some fresh air.  It would not have been fair on my eldest otherwise.  I feel shocking but both girls had a lovely day at Nostell Priory. 

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  1. Well done on the race.....I hope you are all feeling better now!


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