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My daughter started school this year and with it came an increase of invites to birthday parties. I love that she is making friends and enjoying her time at school. Each invite that she receives seems to be more professionally designed than the previous and with this comes the added pressure to design one just as professional.

It would appear that long gone are the days of the hand written invite, or at least in my daughters class this is the case. With that in mind I had to begin searching for a company who could provide a professional print and fast delivery. I wanted the whole stress of invites to be taken care of. StressFreePrint provided the answer, they offered professional printing at affordable prices with fast delivery.

Daughters invite

I began designing the invites online and once happy with them saved them as a .jpg. The final design was sent across to StressFreePrint with my order and within a few days my invites arrived. The whole process was quick, simple and stress free. My daughters birthday invites have a professional look and feel to them and I am really pleased with them. Now I just have to find a way to organise the rest of the party with minimal stress.

I was sent invites in exchange for a review, all words are my own opinion 

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