Review Plasticine

I find Plasticine very therapeutic.  I think it is the texture, I sit and play with plasticine for ages before I realise that I have it in my hands.  I also really love all the bright colours the Plasticine comes in

playing with plasticine

It was time to introduce the girls to Plasticine.  They decided to make sandwiches, which for my youngest meant stacking the colour strips on top of each other and for my eldest rolling everything into balls.

youngest and plasticineeldest and plasticine

The girls however soon got creative and started sticking colours onto other colours, making spots, stripes and teeth.  They soon discovered that you can mix colours together to make new colours which provided them with a lot of amusement. 

Plasticine makes a great gift for all ages and comes in a variety of different options, from tubs to simple sets. I know both myself and the girls [4 and 3] have loved playing with Plasticine and seeing what our imaginations can come up with. 

We were sent Plasticine to review, all words are my own personal opinion 

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