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I really dislike applying sun cream. The kids don't stand still because they are far too excited, you end up greasy as you try to rub it into your skin. Then the kids get hold of the bottle and get it on their clothes, the sun cream obviously stains their clothes a lovely orange colour which does not wash out. Sun cream in your hair gives you a greased look and then you have to wait for the whole thing to soak in before you can do anything else.

Spray sun cream isn't much easier either. You end up missing a spot as you squirted in the wrong way. If you squirt the cream near something it stains whatever it hits, including the inside of the car door. No matter what you do you cannot get the sun cream to come off the door. The kids then start squirting sun cream everywhere and the whole thing ends up messy.

I have however discovered a solution. A non greasy sun cream, one which does not stain your clothes and one which is easy to apply. You can even apply it to your head and not have greasy hair. The answer is the Sun Mousse.

sun mousse

Sun mousse squirts into a mould able mousse which you can then rub into your skin. If it falls on the floor you can simply pick it up, no mess. It doesn't stain your clothes and it soaks in almost immediately. I loved the texture and feel of sun mousse, really soft. The girls loved it too and I would be happy to let them have some in their hands to apply, knowing the lack of mess it could create.

a look at the Sun mousse

One can of sun mousse lasted 7 days and was enough for me and both girls which I think is really good. I still think there is a little left in the bottle. My husband even used sun mousse for his head.

Sun mousse needs to be a must have Holiday essential, it certainly made applying sun cream a lot easier!

We were sent a bottle to try on our holiday. All words are my own opinion 

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