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When J was a puppy we found that most dog food sent him a little hyper. J also suffers from a sensitive stomach and certain foods he refuses to eat. We started him on a raw food diet, which involved having s freezer full of raw dog food and remembering to defrost the food before hand. This was fine when at home but we would often travel and I can remember one trip to Scotland.

On this trip I had carefully packed J food into cooler bags surrounded by packs of ice. Enough food for our trip. Upon arrival at our first stop all seemed ok with the food and we kept it frozen over night. The next morning we set off on the next part of our journey, as we were driving the car began to smell a little off. When I opened the food bag to feed J all of his food had defrosted and turned to mush. It smelt horrible, had gone everywhere and J refused to eat it.

Pure food

He still has raw food but mixed with dry dog food. I could not face the defrosted mess again. Luckily pure pet food now exists. It is a dehydrated raw dog food, making it perfect for travel and much easier to store. Pure pet food can be stored in the cupboard as usual and because it is dehydrated it takes up less space than the equivalent portion of dog food. Re hydration is simple and the dogs seem to enjoy it.

J eating pure food

Why not take a look at the video to see how the dogs got on?

J was sent this food for me to review, all words are my own opinion 

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