We have been playing with a new app recently called POTATOYZ.  POTATOYZ aims to bring the digital to real life.  The app is aimed at children aged 4 and up but my youngest had no issues with it.

On the left side of the screen you see your creation and have the ability to move the POTATOYZ a full 360 to design each view.  There are a wide range of design options to choose from including free drawing, patterns and stickers.  This allows you to get as creative as your imagination will let you.  On the right is where you place your design items.

Once you have created your POTATOYZ you can take a photo of your creation and you can also choose to have it 3D printed.  Luckily the 3D parenting option asks for a parental code so your children do not go ordering lots of 3D figures.

Each figure is printed in France and costs 14.99euros and around 4cm is height.  We have not yet printed a figure so cannot comment on the quality.

I like the idea of this app, particularly if you wanted something unique as a gift.  Your child could create their very own keepsake something which is unique to them or even as a gift for a loved one.  The app is simple to navigate and very intuitive.

The app is free to download and I have not been compensated in anyway for this review. 

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