Celebrating in style

This weekend we celebrated my Dads birthday.  The girls wanted to make him a special cake for his birthday something a little bit different and so we decided to make a warming Winter salted caramel tart.  There was however a very special twist, we would be using Monty Bojangles truffles.

We had never had Monty Bojangles before and were hit with a gorgeous luxurious chocolate smell when we opened the foil packet.  In the interest of testing we had to sample a few of the truffles.  They simply melted in the mouth.

It was soon time to start baking, we followed the recipe sent from Monty Bojangles and I helped the girls melt the chocolate but they managed most of the recipe by themselves.

Our tart did split a little and may not have looked the prettiest but it smelt heavenly

We attempted to make some chocolate marbled custard to go with the tart but it did not come out too well.  The girls got a bit excited with the mixing.  

The Warming Winter salted caramel tart was perfect with a Monty Bojangles Hot chocolate

Monty Bojangles by themselves would make a lovely gift.  For something really special use them in cooking and make a really tasty treat!

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