Week 21 - 22

The past few weeks have been really difficult.  Nausea is raising its ugly head again, I wake up every morning with a bad headache and I cannot sleep.  To top this off I have started with incredibly bad pain.

Week 21

Half term week.  We started the week with a trip to London, on the train I started feeling discomfort in bump but put it down to sitting still for too long.  We had a great time in London as a family but upon leaving the train on our way home I ended up in immense pain and unable to walk.  Coming down the platform steps my hips locked and had a shooting pain across bump.  It really took my breath away and I was unable to walk.

The week continued much the same.  I did my best with the girls taking them places but I was in a lot of pain.  It comes on suddenly and really takes me by surprise.  The pain happens when I sneeze too, try to left anything [even a bowl of cereal] and is worse when I walk downstairs.  By the end of the week I was in so much pain I made an emergency trip to see the midwife.  The midwife referred me to physio, and a managed to get an appointment within 2 weeks.

Week 22

With the girls back at school I was under strict instructions from the midwife to rest, and so I did.  I was advised not to lift anything.  This is really difficult for me because I want to be active.  I am struggling to not do things and am feeling really frustrated.  As a person who is very active and busy and likes their independence, to not be able to do things is a huge shock and has left me feeling really low.  Unfortunately if I don't take the advice then it could become permanent, which I obviously don't want so am having to look at it as just a short moment in time.

The girls have become a lot more interested in Thing 3 as well.  Each morning they place their hands on bump to see if they can feel Thing 3 move.  Every night they come and give Thing 3 a kiss and a cuddle.

I ended my 22nd week of pregnancy with watching WWE live, and meeting some of the wrestlers who all congratulated Thing 3.  Thing 3 seemed to enjoy themselves too and had some wiggling during some of the wrestlers theme tunes!

I am looking forward to seeing the physio in Week 23 and hoping to get to the bottom of this pain.

Cravings - Carbs.  This baby just wants carbs all the time particularly prawn cocktail crisps
Longest run this week - 5K
Clothes - Started wearing maternity trousers at 20weeks
Movements - Some movements felt mainly at night 
Anything to note - Pain when going down stairs, pain at night and waiting to see physio.

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