Review : Home Halo

Both my girls are very lucky in that Father Christmas gave them tablets for Christmas last year.  I am guessing they are not alone in owning tablets as most of their friends seem to have an iPad or at the very least have access to one.  Those that do not own one have probably asked for one for Christmas.  It would appear that our children are becoming very technology focused.

This is neither a good or bad thing, however as a parent we still want out children to be safe online and also where possible control/limit/manage the time spent online.  I know that if my girls use their tablets within an hour of bedtime they just cannot sleep.  The use of the internet and their tablets is the cause of many arguments in our house and I am guessing we are not alone.

HomeHalo offers a solution to the arguments and gives us total control over the internet usage for each different member in our household.  Each person has a profile, which you can then control the times of the day they can access the internet, turn on a homework mode to block certain distracting content and ensure age appropriate content for each profile.  You can set an 'Unlimited' profile to give you unrestricted access for your own profile setting if you wish.  HomeHalo uses cloud technology so it can be accessed anywhere using the app or via a web browser. 

We have been using the HomeHalo system and it has not affected our existing services and has worked with all our wifi devices.  We found everything really simple to set up and it only took a few steps.  I was a little worried it might be over complicated but it was really easy to follow the instructions and get going.  HomeHalo also offers Internet security so protects against virus and malicious software.

Homehalo is certainly worth having to help give you extra security and peace of mind when your children access the Internet.  I know in our household we have found it useful in particular to control the times the girls can access the Internet. 


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