Poppies, sculptures and mud

I haven't been able to get out the house as much as I would have liked recently as I have been in far too much pain.  When not in pain the weather has been really terrible that no one has wanted to go very far.  Today has been the first day in a long while that my pain was at a manageable level and the weather was not too bad.

The girls needed some fresh air and time to explore outside, a chance to roam free and get rid of the cob webs and so that is exactly what we did.  They both wasted no time in taking advantage of the recent wet weather.

get ready
big splash

They were both so incredibly happy jumping in the puddles and running over the grass.  It was wonderful to see the smiles on their faces.

I have wanted to see the Poppies at Yorkshire Sculpture park since it opened but have not been well enough to go.  We decided to go on a Poppy hunt whilst exploring and playing in the mud and the girls loved seeing all the poppies. 

the poppies

poppy sculpture

We explored the park further and kept passing the running horse sculpture.  The girls really loved this and kept galloping around the sculpture.

galloping horse sculpture

We loved exploring and looking at the sculptures in the park.  Some had the girls giggling and others had them thinking.  

exploring sculpture

It was a lovely afternoon spent outdoors, but the best part was that Grandad came with us and the girls loved having him there.

this way Grandad

This day I love Poppies, sculptures and mud

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