A pushchair wishlist

There is something rather special about shopping for a new baby.  I had forgotten all the little decisions that need to be made, and the thought process that went into buying our original pushchair nearly 6 years ago.  At that time I drove a Mini, worked full time and had no other children.  My only consideration was 'Can it fit in my boot?' and 'does it push nice?'.  Fast forward to today, I drive a 'Mummy car' [7seater], and have 2 other children, plus 2 dogs!

Pushchairs have come a long way in those 6 years since I first started looking.  They fold smaller, have dedicated uses and some can even be   Before I discovered Thing 3 would be joining us I had two pushchairs firmly on my wish list, should we ever be lucky enough for another baby.

The first I have been lucky enough to review, the Joolz Day and the second I fell in love with the second I saw it, the Egg.

Joolz Joolz Day Studio Noir
Joolz Day
The Joolz day I was lucky enough to review, on a loan basis and I absolutely loved it. I could not believe how beautiful it was to push.  I remember when I wrote the post, that is would be a serious contender if we ever had another baby

Egg Stroller Gotham Black/Mirror Frame

I am not going to lie, when I first saw a picture of the egg I wanted another baby just so I could have that pushchair.  The thing is I have only ever seen pictures, and never actually seen the Egg in real life.  I am wanting to find one just so I can have a play with it!

4Moms Origami Pushchair With Silver Seat Liner

If money was no object I think this would be the pushchair for me.  When I first looked at pushchairs 6 years ago I would have thought you were crazy if you had told me there was a pushchair with a phone charger built in.  Power assisted folding, lights and a dashboard with temperature and speed, this is a truly modern pushchair and one for all gadget lovers like me.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Black

Whilst the above three pushchairs are great for everyday use, I also have to think about my passion for running.  When baby is 6 months old I plan to take them running with me and for that I need a running pushchair.  I have many pushchairs on my running wish list, but one I keep coming back to is the Baby Jogger.

ABC Design Takeoff Stroller

As baby gets older I will start looking at strollers.  One which I can fold quickly and simply put in the boot of the car for those trips to the shops, or for a quick dog walk.  A nice neat small fold and easy to push would be the main priorities, something like the ABC design Takeoff stroller.

What are your pushchair requirements?  Are you like me and have multiple wish lists? 

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